Rosie's Story

Rosie is a Blue Heeler Cattle Dog crossed with a Corgi, She was born in Kentucky on the 15th of May 2014. Rosie came to us from a shelter in North Carolina, This was her 5th shelter and the future was looking very dim for her, this was going to be the end of the road for Rosie if she didn't find a home fast! When My Husband Tom saw Rosie on a rescue site he could see a glimmer of hope in her eye and just knew she needed a second chance in life. Rosie was collected by Tom's parents "the grandparents"  from a van full of dogs ready to meet their destiny. Rosie was the lucky one! When Rosie came home she was so nervous of humans and didn't know who to trust, but with time and patience and  two loving parents and Grandparents Rosie soon realized she was  safe and this was her forever home. Day's turned into Weeks, Weeks turned into Months and Months turned into Years and Rosie  has grown to be the lovable loyal fun character  we know and love!

Rosie continues to surprise us every day with the strength of trust she puts into us, She is still a little weary of strangers but loves making new doggy friends. this is a huge step from the scared little dog  cowering in the corner of her cage at the shelter to the big happy smiling dog now greeting you with leaps, bounds and lots of barks.....

We have given Rosie the freedom and loving home she so rightly deserves and she shows us every day her appreciation by always staying close, you will rarely see her on a leash unless we are on the road. Rosie never looks to go far as she knows we saved her, she would not want to be anywhere else and she thanks us daily with her loyalty and love.

Rosie is becoming a true Marblehead local and is greeted and loved by so many where ever she goes, even if it is whizzing past you with her head out of the truck with a big smile on her face! You are bound to see her on the beach or in the woods in Marblehead and if its a sunny day you will find Rosie in her favorite place..... on the paddle board!

Rosie is never far from our sides and is the most important member of our family, Rosie is also the "Branch Manger" of First Harbor Company and the Inspiration behind "Dog On Good" This little pickle butt has changed our lives forever  and we love her so much and we want to share it with you!!

"Rosie loves to explore new walks all over New England and make friends where ever she goes, So do come say hello if you ever see Rosie out & about." 

Dog On Good is a brand created by First Harbor Company

Traditional nautical knot work, proudly hand-crafted in Marblehead, MA

"First Harbor Company believes in quality, dedication and hard work. Steeped in tradition and embodying a work ethic representative of Coastal New England,"



Rosie Is The Inspiration Behind "Dog On Good"

"Dog On Good" is a range of hand-made dog leashes with a zinc alloy or brass swivel snap. There are many colors to choose from and custom orders are welcome. All Materials are made in the USA